Ripple Effect

By coming together in partnership for common good, we have set off a ripple effect of positive change that drives us toward a more sustainable future.

  • 97local families

    provided jobs from plastic cleanups

  • 1,130,000

    pieces of plastic recovered from beaches, oceans and coastlines

  • 259ton

    of CO2 emissions measured and reduced

Year: 2024

We believe in helping the oceans return to a pristine and safe environment – one action at a time.

  • 47

    Volunteers participated

  • 4,032

    Pounds of Trash removed

  • 97

    Native plants restored

Year: 2023

Over 100 community volunteers restored and reforested a degraded landscape with native plants that trap the polluted runoff before it has a chance to enter the ocean.

  • 117

    Volunteers participated

  • 64

    Acres of erosion prevented

  • 378

    Native plants restored