Every product gives back.


Each purchase prevents 1lb of plastic from entering the world’s oceans (that's 22 plastic water bottles!) and enables community events that support the regeneration of our planet.

Measured Impact

97 local families

provided jobs from plastic cleanups


Community events & beach clean ups


pieces of plastic recovered from beaches, oceans and coastlines

259 ton

of CO2 emissions measured and reduced

Community Cleanups

We believe in helping the oceans return to a pristine and safe environment – one action at a time.

  • 47

    Volunteers participated

  • 2.1

    Tons of Trash removed

  • 97

    Native plants restored

Maui Watershed Project

Over 100 community volunteers restored and reforested a degraded landscape with native plants that trap the polluted runoff before it has a chance to enter the ocean.

  • 117

    Volunteers participated

  • 64

    Acres of erosion prevented

  • 378

    Native plants restored

Coral Reef Alliance

Environmental education and action are vital to living in harmony on Mother Earth. As corporate partners of the Coral Reef Alliance, we are building a community committed to doing what’s right for the planet, and supporting reef restoration initiatives in Hawaii.

Surfrider Maui Chapter

Keeping our local beaches clean is one of our highest priorities. Clean beaches promote healthy waterways and clean spaces for people and marine life to thrive in. Our Partnership with Surfrider ensures that there is not only extra physical support at local beach clean ups, but clean reef-safe sunscreen for all volunteers.

Captains For Clean Water

Through state wide advocacy, education and scientific collaborations, CFCW is voice to one of the largest clean water conservation efforts in the state of Florida. Starting at the hub the project (at Lake Ocheechobee) Project Reef supports the efforts to put a stop to toxin and pollution draining to important fisheries, communities and wildlife sanctuaries.


Our contributions to Seatrees directly supports communities and scientists who protect and regenerate coastal ecosystems.This work includes planting mangrove trees, restoring kelp forests, coral reefs, seagrass meadows, oyster reefs, and conserving coastal watersheds.

Tipu Tipu

Tipu Tipu is dedicated to preserving coral reefs through watershed restoration projects, community engagement opportunities, and Native Hawaiian planting in Maui, Hawaii.