Our Mission

Our mission is to go all-in on creating suncare that feels good, does good, and leaves good behind.

Heart from Maui

Born on the island of Maui, we embody the island's spirit and heart, while advocating for sustainability, wellness, and a profound love for our ocean community.

We prioritize caring for one another and nurturing our Āina (land that feeds) - from the vibrant coral reefs to the fertile soil - recognizing that these precious resources sustain our families and unite our community.

The 'Do-Good' Effect

Our commitment is to maximize the positive impact of every sunscreen purchase. This self-sustaining strategy fuels our ability to give back to those who do good, growing our reach, and ability to do more good with every purchase.


Sustainability isn't just a choice; it's a necessity. That's why we're dedicated to making the best decisions for our people and planet through continuous product innovation, purposeful partnerships, and evolving business practices that we are proud of.

People and Planet, First.

"Our commitment to social and corporate responsibility is key to our identity and the legacy we aim to create. Inspired by Hawaii's natural beauty, we view ourselves as stewards of the land and caretakers of our communities. Every decision reflects our profound duty to the planet, our people, and future generations to come."

- Matt Roomet, Founder