With love for people, adventure, and the sun

Posted by Matthew Roomet on

We all wake knowing that the sun will rise in the east. Tides will ebb and flow. Birds will sing their songs. Yet, we don’t think about how nature’s existence sustains life on earth or how its gifts ignite the soul and energy inside us. The natural world brings joy, wonder, and heightened intuition that can drive us to a greater collective consciousness. Outside, under the sun, we are free to take in our planet’s miraculous expressions that lead us to the most intimate parts of ourselves. 
While exploring the world’s wonders, we are at our most exposed – utterly vulnerable to the power of the sun. This vulnerability is felt in no greater place than when near our immense oceans. We surf giant waves, walk on neverending beaches, and sail the open waters. But the sun’s rays don’t stop at us; they reach unimaginable depths. However, it is just under the surface, in our coral reefs, where the sun gives life to true magic. 

"Beyond personal experience, suncare must also be considered in terms of its effect on our environment, especially when it comes to coral reefs."

Most people don’t know that the sunscreen we use at the beach, whether lounging in the sand or swimming in the ocean, directly impacts reefs and their rich biodiversity. These living, breathing reflections of our oceans’ health give us hope for the future of our planet. As human beings, we must protect them however possible.

Born in joy on the island of Maui, Project Reef reimagined suncare based on three core principles: all-natural, effective ingredients, reef protection, and a sensory experience that delights. With love for people, adventure, and the sun, Project Reef looks to make suncare a memorable experience with formulas that protect, hydrate, and smooth the skin. To ensure an experience that encourages sun and ocean protection, we use natural oils and extracts in our mineral sunscreen and cooling lotion.
At Project Reef, we’ve partnered up with Mother Nature. We recognize that we must not only do what’s right moving forward but also help our planet return to its pristine state. We are committed to keeping the ocean healthy and clean by building a community with its heart centered on taking care of the natural world. Whether it is beach clean-ups at home in Maui, encouraging environmental literacy, or supporting reef restoration initiatives worldwide, we want to be active participants in the regeneration of the habitats we cherish.

Outside, under the sun, our oceans are teeming with life. Yet, when we gaze in their direction, we must no longer see limitless blue. Now, more than ever, we must see our reflections in the waves, our livelihoods in every creature, and our future flowing as strong as its deepest currents. As the sound of crashing waves drowns out our thoughts and the salt water slowly cures all wounds, the ocean invites us to heal both its waters and ourselves.